Veterinary and Medical Students

Veterinary Testimonials

Many educators chose to provide high quality science education without using animals. Their humane approach to teaching human and veterinary medicine allows students to learn using a combination of teaching methods ranging from multimedia computer simulation to self-testing on themselves and fellow students to observing living animals, performing healing intervention on those who are sick, or using the bodies of others who have died naturally. These professors work to reconcile their beliefs that animal use is an unnecessary part of education by abandoning old lessons and supporting new and innovative methods of teaching science.

Siri Martinsen
Veterinarian, Director of NOAH for Animal Rights, Norway, and Representative, InterNICHE
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Lara Rasmussen
DVM, MS, Western University, Pomona, CA
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Dan Smeak
DVM, Chief of Small Animal Surgery and Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Ohio State University
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Medical Professional Testimonials

Dr. Lawrence Hansen
University of California, San Diego Medical School
A Medical School Physician Professor's Case Against Vivisection in Medical Education PDF

Professor Michael Pfotenhauer
Witten/Herdecke University, Germany
Physiology courses in Witten/Herdecke without animal experiments PDF

Dr. Alexey Shandra
Odessa Medical University, Ukraine
The use of video in teaching students of physiology PDF