Veterinary and Medical Students

Educational Memorial Programs

Educational Memorial Programs (EMPs) are becoming more prevalent in veterinary medical education, while medical schools are comfortable with using donated cadavers of deceased human beings. For over a century, medical doctors have learned anatomy by using donated cadavers of deceased human beings. Veterinary colleges obtain their cat and dog cadavers in a different ways, which include animal dealers, biological supply companies, breeders, animal shelters, and retired animals from industries such as greyhound racing.

The practice of donating the bodies of companion animals for medical knowledge was designed by several U.S. veterinary schools after the veterinary community began to question whether programs could be developments.

In EMPs, the animals are donated directly to the college/university hospital. The animals have been euthanized due to medically untreatable illness or clients' inability to pay for expensive treatments or they have died of natural causes.