Recommended Reading

Recommended Humane Education Reading

Animals in Education: The Facts, Issues, and Implications

by Lisa Ann Hepner
This book examines dissection from the point of view of an ethically minded student. It is a wonderful resource.

From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse

by Mihnea Chiuia & Nick Jukes
This comprehensive guide lists over 500 humane alternatives to animal experimentation and dissection for a wide range of subject areas and educational levels. (Available through Animalearn)

The Use of Animals in Higher Education: Problems, Alternatives and Recommendations

by Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.
An excellent and thorough analysis of the harmful use of animals in education and the evidence supporting humane alternatives. Download book in PDF format here!

Vivisection and Dissection in the Classroom

by Gary Francione & Anna Charlton
A thorough description of the legal avenues available to students who are unwilling to harm animals in their education. (Available through Animalearn)

Recommended Dissection Alternatives Videos

Alternatives in Education (InterNICHE)

This 33 minutes video demonstrates how effective humane methods can be in teaching subjects like anatomy, physiology, and surgery. Download a copy of this video.

Advances in Medical Education (PCRM)

This 18 minute video provides an inspiring overview of Harvard Medical School's comprehensive, popular, clinically based alternative to traditional physiology dog labs.

Classroom Cutups (PETA)

This 14 minute undercover investigation reveals the glaring truth about the sources of the animals dissected in America's classrooms.