Animalearn Honors Young, Frog-Friendly Activist as Humane Student of the Year

Animalearn is pleased to announce that its 2014 Humane Student of the Year Award recipient is Avalon Theisen, a passionate 13 year-old student from Tampa, Florida, who has made it her life's mission to be a voice for animals and the environment. Avalon was selected by Animalearn because of her advocacy on behalf of frogs used in dissection, including her own nonprofit, Conserve it Forward, which she founded when she was nine years old.

The Conserve it Forward website provides a host of ways to help frogs, including links to dissection alternative software programs like Froguts and Digital Frog. Earlier this year, Avalon did a TEDx Youth talk, entitled "How the Croak of the Wild Empowered this Child: Avalon Theisen." Her passion for frogs shines through the presentation, as she talks about her concern for animals, the problems with animal dissection, and better ways to learn.

"I am so excited and honored to be Animalearn's Humane Student of the Year," said Avalon. "In my work, I help people learn about the environment, challenges, and ways to help. This recognition motivates me. If we simply respect all life when making our choices, then we will already be helping not only living things, but the entire planet, as well."

As part of her Award, Avalon will receive $1,000 worth of high quality dissection alternatives, which she has elected to donate to Focus Academy, a charter school located in Temple Terrace, Florida, which caters to special needs high school students.

"I am personally thrilled to acknowledge such an impassioned young activist like Avalon as our Humane Student of the Year," said Nicole Green Director of Animalearn. "She brings extraordinary commitment, intelligence, and warmth to her advocacy for animals and the environment, and gives me great hope for the future.

Download the PDF press release here.