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Guidelines to Help Your Child Object to Dissection

Parents or guardians can be extremely effective in urging their child's teacher or school to use alternatives to dissection.
  • Meet with the teacher! If a child is apprehensive about talking with his/her teacher or is not successful in doing so, then the parent should make an appointment with the instructor.

  • Gather information to give to the teacher. At the meeting, make sure to note that Animalearn can provide the teacher with suitable alternatives free of charge for your child. If the teacher is leery about the quality or effectiveness of alternatives, let him or her know that Animalearn will also loan out alternatives for the teacher to examine beforehand.

  • If the teacher is still unwilling to allow your child to use alternatives, make an appointment with the principal of the school. Bring a letter documenting your meeting with your child's teacher. Let the principal know that you support your child's decision to opt out of dissection and inform him or her that there are several other states that give students this option. Usually a parent or guardian will receive compliance from the teacher or principal, but if not, you can always bring the issue to the school board.

  • Go to a school board meeting and persuade them to pass a student choice policy for ALL students who do not want to dissect, not just your own. Even if your child is given the opportunity to use alternatives to dissection, you may want to go to a school board meeting and try to persuade the board members to implement a student choice policy or possibly even ban dissection for the entire school district.
When a parent or guardian takes a stand on an issue, administrators often pay attention. Therefore, parents and guardians can and DO make a significant impact on animals used in education.