Animalearn Humane Parent of the Year Highlighted on NPR

Earlier this year, Animalearn Humane Parent of the Year, Anne Graff, was featured in a story airing on NPR member station WEKU in Kentucky about the debate over high school dissection.

After learning that her son's anatomy and physiology class was going to require five weeks of cat dissection, Anne contacted Animalearn in search of help. Animalearn provided her with materials she could take to educators and administrators to begin a conversation about alternatives. Her work has opened up the possibility of using models and computer simulations in not only her son's school, but in others as well.

Animalearn awarded Anne $1,000 for the purchase of alternatives for her school district. She has worked diligently on this issue to demonstrate that alternatives provide not only an effective more humane learning experience, but can also save school districts a significant amount of money.

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