Elementary School Students

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Animals

1. Say "No" to dissection!

Every student from kindergarten through college has the right to choose an alternative to dissection. By speaking out about this issue, you are taking a stand for the animals as well as expressing your own right to freedom of expression.

2. Say "No" to animal experimentation!

Let your teacher know that you have an ethical objection to animal experimentation in your classroom. There are plenty of alternatives that you can use instead of harming an animal.

3. Voice your objections early!

You must tell your teacher that you have ethical objections to dissection as soon as you are made aware that dissections are part of your coursework.

4. Spread awareness about dissection!

Tell your parents or guardians about your decision. It really makes a difference to have support from others, especially if you are apprehensive about approaching your teacher alone. Talk about dissection with your friends. The more students who object to dissection the more educators will want to explore the possibility of using alternatives to dissection.

5. Start an animal rights group at your school!

Pass out literature on the subject and show a video about the terrible aspects of dissection.

6. Write a letter!

Write a letter to the editor in your school paper and/or your local paper on the subject of dissection to get the word out into your community.

7. Start a petition in support of alternatives to dissection.

Have students, teachers, and/or others sign the petition. Present it to your school administrators and other school officials at a school board meeting.

8. Borrow some of the alternatives from The Science Bank

Make a presentation to the science department or principal at your school. Let them know of the wonderful alternatives to dissection that are available free of charge to schools.

9. Encourage your school to include vegetarian or vegan options in your school cafeteria.

Find out if other students or teachers would also like vegetarian or vegan options. If so, start a petition and present your concerns to school administrators or other school officials.

10. Collect donations

From students, teachers, and administrators, and donate the proceeds to a no-kill shelter in your community.