College and University Students

Steps to Make Your College or University More Humane

1. Start a campus group or club.

2. Define what you would like to see.

For example, more vegetarian and vegan food options. When approaching someone, be sure to have specific ideas or recipes on what can be done. In the bookstore, you may want to ask for less leather notebooks/ binders in your bookstore and ask that more cruelty free cosmetics be made available. Be sure to have in mind distributors who can help find what you like.

3. Set up a meeting with your Student Council or Student Government Association (SGA).

Share your goals and how you would like to see them accomplished. Many schools have student service committees or something similar as apart of their student government or student council, which will help to create a link between students and administrators about issues such as what is available in bookstores and cafeterias.

4. Meet with administrators or the manager of stores.

If your SGA does have committee for this, be sure to align yourself with part of the committee and speak to faculty with that backing. If not, it is okay to go as a student group representative. Explain to the manager very similarly to what you explained to your student government.

5. If the manager of the store/cafeteria agrees to help acquire more cruelty-free and veg options, advertise that they are there.

Try to set up a date where you can have discounted prices when these items are listed and available. Put up fliers and contact the student newspaper to make sure everyone on campus is aware that cruelty free and veg options are now available. Also, make sure to thank everyone who tries to help you accomplish your goal.

6. If the manager refuses you, try to create awareness.

Start petitions, put up fliers, and/or try to get an article in the newspaper. Set up tables to help educate fellow students. Make sure to research what other schools have for cruelty-free options.

Also, look into who your school provider is for your cafeteria/ bookstore. Most cafeteria bookstores on college campus are run by separate entities that have contracts with the schools. Do research on what these providers are and make available to other schools.