Help Students in Burnaby, British Columbia Gain The Right to Say “No” to Dissection

Animalearn is pleased to announce that in February the Burnaby School Board voted to create a formal policy giving students the option to say 'no' to traditional animal dissections and instead use alternatives such as computer models. Thank you to all who took Action.

Students in Burnaby, British Columbia schools need your help in getting the right to say “No” to Dissection. Currently there is no written policy in the Burnaby School District which would inform student of their right to choose a humane alternative to animal dissection. Vancouver resident Lesley Fox is helping to support students who want to change that. Fox and several Burnaby students believe that in order for students to know that they have this choice, it needs to be put in writing, and clearly stated to students. In her experience, she learned that most students aren’t even aware that alternatives to dissection exist. Fox adds, “Choice isn’t a choice unless you know you have one.” Read the article.

Animal dissection is a big business where thousands of fetal pigs, frogs, cats, and other animal are killed for the purpose of dissection annually. There are hundreds of alternatives to dissection, and Animalearn’s The Science Bank is a free loan program which offers the latest virtual dissection software, models, and manikins free to students. Products from The Science Bank are even available in multiple quantities to outfit entire classrooms.