Animalearn Launches New Search Engine & Improved Humane Science Program

Expands innovative, high-tech teaching and training alternatives

In 1996, Animalearn established a one-of-a-kind dissection alternatives lending library called The Science Bank, and is now proud to launch its newly re-designed website, Featuring an upgraded, user-friendly Science Bank search engine, now offers a searchable database of over 450 alternatives to dissection and other experimental uses of animals in education and training, with options that narrow search criteria by species of animal to be replaced, type of alternative, and education level, so faculty and students can find exactly what they need.

Serving educators and students in grades K-12, university, veterinary, and medical education, The Science Bank is the largest free loan program of its kind in the U.S., and offers alternatives ranging from CD-ROMs to interactive training models and manikins. Additionally, Animalearn is pleased to announce several new additions, including spay and neuter manikins that give students a holistic surgical experience, complete with life-like blood and tissue, allowing them to develop important surgery skills in veterinary education.

“The Science Bank has seen significant growth in the number of faculty and students choosing alternatives in place of harmful animal use,” said Laura Ducceschi, Director of Animalearn. "Creating a vehicle that simplifies this process, while expanding the scope of alternatives to replace the harmful use of animals in science education is incredibly valuable, and we believe it will allow us to reach even more people who want to make a difference for animals.”

“I find the website extremely user friendly and informative for educators, students and parents. It provides not only a voice for those ethically opposed to dissection and vivisection, but the sound resources and current research to support this view,” said Bonnie Berenger, a New Jersey biology teacher. “I have been teaching non-dissection biology for over 10 years now; I am thrilled to have yet another teaching tool at my fingertips.”

The Animalearn website also features free, downloadable software that can replace the use of animals in teaching and training experiments in physiology and pharmacology. In addition, houses Student, Parent, and Educator Centers; news and action alerts; and links to other education resources. The Educator Center features curriculum support, including online tutorials to help teachers navigate through the process of implementing virtual dissection alternatives, downloadable activity kits, and “Next of Kin,” a free interdisciplinary curriculum for elementary and middle school students, which is correlated to national standards for math, reading, and science education.

Animalearn, the educational division of the American Anti-Vivisection Society, works with educators, students and others to achieve quality humane science education without harmful use of animals. The American Anti-Vivisection Society has monitored the use of animals in science since it was founded in 1883.

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